Ear Training For Bass Volume 1

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Learn Songs By Ear & Improve Your Overall Bass Playing

You taught your hands, now teach your ears! Thirty two step-by-step lessons to ease you into Ear Training





Ear Training For Bass Guitar – Volume 1

Learn Songs By Ear and Improve Your Bass Playing

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‘I wanted to be able to play along with songs on the radio without needing to consult chord charts or tabs. The teaching was very straightforward and easy to work through.’  Melissa Mann – USA

‘I find the course to be laid out well and user friendly. Each lesson is focused on one specific aspect and each lesson builds upon what was covered previously. It’s a progressive growth of knowledge and technique’  Thomas Grogan – USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ear Training For Bass Guitar Course?

Ear Training For Bass Guitar is a progressive, step-by-step approach to developing aural and transcription skills, specifically for the bass guitarist.

Ok. But what is Ear Training and why do I need to learn it?

Ear Training is the development of our ability to recognise and recreate the music that we hear. This can include melodies, bass lines, chord qualities, chord progressions and rhythms. A musician with a highly developed ear will be able to instantly recognise the notes of a melody line, the notes of a chord or a chord progression and either write them down or copy them on their instrument. This is an essential skill when looking to transcribe music.

However,  a well developed ear is not simply a means to copying the music of others. A good ear will also allow you to talk or sing more freely through your instrument as you develop the ability to play the music you hear in your head. Ear training is essential to your development as a musician, regardless of your style or instrument.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any level of bass player with limited experience of ear training.

What Will I Learn?

After completing level 1 you will have acquired an understanding of the following areas of ear training

  • The ability to recognise and recreate basic melodies and bass lines in the major key
  • Recognition of simple chord qualities
  • Recognition of common chord progressions in a major key
  • A better memory and recall of rhythms over several bars in length
  • Highly improved Transcription skills

How Long Are The Lessons?

The lesson lengths vary but the Level 1 contains over 4 hours of video and many weeks, months and years of practice material.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything?

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file containing all of the course material.

6 reviews for Ear Training For Bass Volume 1

  1. Walter (verified owner)

    I’m an absolute beginner musician, not even at the one-year mark yet and I found this course incredibly helpful.

    At first, I was very uncomfortable singing along with the exercises…. I think I even said out loud, “there’s no way I’m singing that”. But after a couple of lessons were under my belt, I was right there, singing the intervals along with Mark. As silly as it first sounded, it was so helpful in really getting comfortable with recognizing intervals.

    As some of the other reviews have mentioned, the course contains a few tests which I enjoyed. It was a good indicator of how well I was absorbing the material. Am I really understanding the intervals? Am I getting the rhythm? The tests answered those questions. I’ve gone back to the tests several times since completing the course just to reinforce my knowledge base.

    As an absolute beginner musician, transcribing music was something I thought I would never need/want or would be able to do. Mark’s approach was so intuitive and the steps so simple. I transcribed my first song (a simple jazz tune) going through the steps Mark laid out. It took a while to complete it and I had to listen to parts of it over and over again, but I did it. I never dreamed that when I started down this path. There are so many songs that I have wanted to play along with but was unable to find the bass tab on YouTube, now, I can feel as if I have the tools to be able to do it on my own, without someone laying it out for me.

    I’m not sure what Vol. 2 of this course will look like, but I’ll certainly pick it up once it’s available.

  2. Lee Kennison (verified owner)

    I recently completed this course. It covers an important aspect of musicianship that is often not addressed in other bass courses/lessons on the internet. It does a good job of covering major scale intervals, but is shorter than I would have liked. I would have preferred a longer course that combined the major and minor intervals, particularly since the 2nd volume of this course that deals with this is not yet available. This shortcoming is offset by the fact that it cheaper than most courses and so is still a good value.

    It contains periodic tests to check your proficiency at recognizing the different intervals. This is helpful, but be aware that many of these involve hearing and recalling a sequence of 8 or more quarter/half note sequences, not just individual interval tests. At the early stages I think it would have been better to just test individual interval recognition since hearing and recalling longer lines had not yet been covered. The later part of the course does deal with recalling longer lines in some rhythm recall lessons, which are very helpful.

    My favorite part of the course was the last part that dealt with the rhythm recall and transcribing. The rhythm recall lessons were much appreciated, since this is also an important part of ear training. Most ear training I have been exposed to in the past only deals with interval recognition. The transcription lesson was very thorough for getting you started in transcribing songs and lines.

  3. Bob Zasio (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the material, and I found it well structured, but I was a bit surprised it ended where it did. There’s a lot more I hope to grow in ear training and I wish this course covered more. That said, I know there’s an Ear Training Vol 2 being planned, and I will definitely give that a go when it comes out.

  4. Jürgen Lorenz (verified owner)

    To be honest, I have really problems with it. It´s not the course you know, but my hearing of music and hearing generaly. I never spent much attention to listen really to sound and rhythm. The visualisation of pitches is not working for me. The only sound I can visualise is the vocalist as long I know the words. No Sounds of Gitars or Bass. And also the singing. I´m so terribly on the other side of correct and far far away from right, you won´t believe. I don´t give up and spend a good time practice with my wifes help. She is a good singer with experience in choral singing. And yes, it´s getting better after a couple of days, slowly and plodding. I feel that this skill will bring me forward more than just working with the instrument. Marks explanations give me an idea and a target so motivation is not a problem and I keep going with it. You know, I didn´t even recognized that it would be helpfull to hear in a different way and bring concentration to all parts of sounds. Not just in music, I try to listen to everything in my ambience. Birds in the morning, talking people in the tram, traffic and barking dogs. It is as I tried to close my ears and was successful with this. I´m sure that it will take much time and work to get better with hearing the true sound and getting it into the brain. But now I know how important this is. Thank You Mark, sincerely Jürgen

  5. Rob Shackleton (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course and can highly recommend it. Although I’ve been playing bass on and off for over 20 years, the lessons have significantly increased my confidence in identifying intervals, chord sequences, and rhythm patterns by ear. Mark’s clearly presented video sessions build in easy stages with practice exercises, and conclude with a very helpful introduction to bassline transcription. I’m now having fun transcribing some of my favourite songs! Many thanks indeed.

  6. Darren Conrad (verified owner)

    This is truly an amazing course to take!!! Being musical all of my life, I pretty much already have a trained ear; but Mark really breaks down the concept of ear training; especially as it applies to the bass. I still learned a ton of good information. If you have little to no musical experience or training, you need to take this course!!! It will be a “MUST HAVE” as you progress through learning the bass. I would personally take the course after the “Beginner Bass Course”. You need to understand how the ear can help you pick out certain chords/tones. You need to be able to transcribe a song from start to finish. If you are totally new to learning the bass, it will take time to learn what Mark is teaching you here; however, daily practice and following all of the instructions in the course will have you on your way in no time.
    Darren W. Conrad

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