Simple Steps To Slap Bass Vol 2

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The Next Step On Your Slap Bass Journey

Twenty seven step-by-step lessons taking you from basic hammer-on’s and ghost notes all the way through to advanced double thumbing techniques





Simple Steps To Slap Bass Volume 2

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Slap Bass Method For Bass Guitar

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‘I can’t say enough about Simple Steps To Slap Bass. Best money I ever spent on anything music wise!’  Kevin Masih – USA

‘I never had any kind of slap technique, so I purchased the Simple Steps to Slap Bass and I’m amazed at the improvement.’  Dave Imbarrato – USA

‘Simple Steps To Slap Bass is astonishing and really changed my approach to this technique. I saw a huge leap in my bass playing!’  Fernando Maspero – Argentina

‘At first, I wondered why every lesson was so easy to take. Then I realized that was what made the course so great.’  Thierry – France

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Simple Steps To Slap Bass Course?

The Simple Steps To Slap Bass Course is a complete, step-by-step method for mastering the slap bass style from the absolute basics of the ‘thumb slap’ all the way through to advanced techniques such as machine gun triplets, double thumbing and flamenco rolls.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

This second volume is aimed at players with a good working knowledge of the slap technique.

What Will I Learn?

After finishing the course you will have acquired the following skills and knowledge:

  • Advanced slap bass skills including double thumb technique and ability to create rapid slap fills
  • Better control of ghost notes
  • A knowledge of melodic devices and scalar/modal movements in common slap lines
  • Many original slap riffs written specifically for this course

How Long Are The Lessons? 

The lesson length’s vary but volume 2 of the course contains 7 hours of video content.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything? 

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file for each module containing a Course Workbook and any relevant practice tracks.

Can I see the Lesson Index?

Yes, you can. Here is a list of every lesson:

Volume 2 – The Next Step

  • Lesson #1 – Slap Bass Tone
  • Lesson #2 – Hammer Ons
  • Lesson #3 – Ghost Notes
  • Lesson #4 – Ghost Notes and Pops
  • Lesson #5 – Ghost Note Hammer Fills
  • Lesson #6 – Slides
  • Lesson #7 – Five Slap Riffs
  • Lesson #8 – Rest Stroke
  • Lesson #9 – Common Scales
  • Lesson #10 – Tenths
  • Lesson #11 – Muted Palm Slap
  • Lesson #12 – Left Hand Slap Licks
  • Lesson #13 – Five Muted Palm Slap Riffs
  • Lesson #14 – Repeated Notes
  • Lesson #15 – Cross Hammer
  • Lesson #16 – Chord Strums
  • Lesson #17 – Chord Pops
  • Lesson #18 – Thumb Pops
  •  Lesson #19 – Flamenco Rolls
  • Lesson #20 – Five Advanced Slap Riffs
  • Lesson #21 – Slap Fills
  • Lesson #22 – Open String Hammer Ons
  • Lesson #23 – Machine Gun Triplets
  • Lesson #24 – Double Thumb Technique
  • Lesson #25 – Double Thumb Licks
  • Lesson #26 – Five Double Thumb Riffs
  • Lesson #27 – Conclusion

4 reviews for Simple Steps To Slap Bass Vol 2

  1. Elkmar W.

    Although I already play bass guitar since a lot of years I never really learned to slap. Doing this course showed me how to dive into it by a comprehensive step by step approach. It took me some time to develop the patience to really focus on the essentials but in the end I made my way and I am really happy having invested the time.
    Marc is a master in explaining. Thank you so much!

  2. Claudio E.

    This course is wonderful! So accurately built up in a simple and clear path and so challenging in mastering every single step… A real adventure and satisfaction in realizing that you have REALLY began to SLAP! ✨

  3. Bob Z.

    Absolutely loved this course. I’m a big fan of players like Victor Wooten and Les Claypool, and this continuation into the slap style was incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. This course will take some time. Be sure to start each lesson slow and dial up the speed only when you can play relaxed. It helped me to realize that if a riff sounds good at full tempo, it should still feel good at half tempo, and that made playing things slowing more emphatic and enjoyable. I occasionally go back and review the stuff in this lesson as one pass through is still far from mastery.

  4. Maksymilian B. (verified owner)

    About a year ago, I decided that I am fed up with looking at awesome slap bass videos on youtube and feeling nothing but jealousy. I wanted to sound like that too, but I had no idea what path to take in order to get to my goal. I could do some basic slapping and popping octaves, so I decided to skip volume 1 of this course.
    And now I see, that 90% of the amazing slap bass lines that I wanted to play, can be quite easy! Mostly, they are combinations of simple patterns, and when I build the muscle memory for them – they are not difficult to put together. And this course really thoroughly goes through each and every step of learning these patterns, from first simple hammer-ons, to fast double thumb and palm slap sextupletts. Every few lessons, there are a few fun riffs to learn, which make use of more and more of what I learned. This gave me a lot of satisfaction, because I could see the level of difficulty of the riffs I played go up, and I sounded better and better.
    Personally, I dont always have a lot of free time during the day (studies, work..), so most of the time I have been going through the course at a pace of about 1 lesson a week (lets say 20-30 min each day). That said, if you have more time, or just a habit of practicing more often, I believe you should be able to complete the course much faster and take your slapping to the next level in no time.
    opportunities for improvement: I think a cool addition would be to see some more “real life examples” of when the patterns I practice appear in songs (for example: you can hear such hammer ons in song X by Y) – this would give me even more inspiration for expanding the amount of songs that I can play.
    Overall, if you want to learn how to slap fast and sound good – search no further.
    Maksymilian B

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