Simple Steps To Slap Bass Vol 2

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The Next Step On Your Slap Bass Journey

Twenty seven step-by-step lessons taking you from basic hammer-on’s and ghost notes all the way through to advanced double thumbing techniques


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Simple Steps To Slap Bass Volume 2

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1 review for Simple Steps To Slap Bass Vol 2

  1. Maksymilian (verified owner)

    About a year ago, I decided that I am fed up with looking at awesome slap bass videos on youtube and feeling nothing but jealousy. I wanted to sound like that too, but I had no idea what path to take in order to get to my goal. I could do some basic slapping and popping octaves, so I decided to skip volume 1 of this course.
    And now I see, that 90% of the amazing slap bass lines that I wanted to play, can be quite easy! Mostly, they are combinations of simple patterns, and when I build the muscle memory for them – they are not difficult to put together. And this course really thoroughly goes through each and every step of learning these patterns, from first simple hammer-ons, to fast double thumb and palm slap sextupletts. Every few lessons, there are a few fun riffs to learn, which make use of more and more of what I learned. This gave me a lot of satisfaction, because I could see the level of difficulty of the riffs I played go up, and I sounded better and better.
    Personally, I dont always have a lot of free time during the day (studies, work..), so most of the time I have been going through the course at a pace of about 1 lesson a week (lets say 20-30 min each day). That said, if you have more time, or just a habit of practicing more often, I believe you should be able to complete the course much faster and take your slapping to the next level in no time.
    opportunities for improvement: I think a cool addition would be to see some more “real life examples” of when the patterns I practice appear in songs (for example: you can hear such hammer ons in song X by Y) – this would give me even more inspiration for expanding the amount of songs that I can play.
    Overall, if you want to learn how to slap fast and sound good – search no further.
    Maksymilian B

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