Bassic Fundamentals

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Take The Next Step On Your Bass Journey

A massive 10 Hours of lessons covering every area of playing from technique to reading to bass setup, effects and much more!





Bassic Fundamentals Course

Take The Next Step On Your Bass Journey

A Massive 10 Hours Of Lessons Covering Every Area Of Playing

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‘I purchased Bassic Fundamentals shortly after picking up the instrument. 6 months after starting the course, I went to an audition, got the gig and played my first bass gig!’  Mark Mahoney – USA

‘Bassic Fundamentals gave me a good starting point for practicing different techniques. I really like the clear didactic concept of the course.’  Alexander Fuchs – Germany

‘The lessons are structured, comprehensive, exhaustive and covers most basic areas of bass guitar. Thank you Mark and Talkingbass in your quest to educate students on their bass journey.’  Najib – Malaysia

‘I play in church most weeks and wouldn’t have got anywhere near the level I’m at without these lessons.’  Rob P. – Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bassic Fundamentals Course?

The Bassic Fundamentals Course is designed to provide a complete core foundation of bass guitar skills and musical knowledge. The course is split into four modules, each one covering a different general topic and set of goals.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any player from beginner to intermediate level although even advanced players might benefit from certain aspects of the course. It’s always good to go back over the fundamentals.

What Will I Learn?

The 48 lessons are split into 4 distinct modules and each module addresses a different range of topics that are listed in the lesson rundown below. However as a brief overview, after finishing the course you will have acquired the following skills and knowledge:

  • A solid bass technique in both hands. This covers both fingerpicking and other styles such as slapping.
  • An understanding of how to create basslines and lock in with a drummer
  • The ability to tune, re-string and setup the relief, action and intonation of a bass guitar.
  • An understanding of the basics of music theory and how it can be applied to the bass.
  • A greater familiarity of the notes all over the fretboard
  • An introduction to sight reading music and reading chord charts
  • A detailed understanding of bass tone and effects pedals
  • A set of essential tips on playing in a band and learning songs
  • A solid and comprehensive approach to practice using the R.A.I.S.E concept

How Long Are The Lessons? 

The lesson length’s vary but the complete course is over 10 hours in length.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything? 

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file for each module containing a Course Workbook and any relevant practice tracks.

64 reviews for Bassic Fundamentals

  1. Peter O.

    I love the course even I am 55 already and absolute beginner. Seventh chords lesson is my favorite so far!

  2. Malcolm R.

    Another great course which builds on some of the material in the beginners course and more. It then takes you to the next level which is a great way to learn. I’m finding the whole TalkingBass experience very enjoyable.

  3. Mike A. (verified owner)

    I was an active bass player much earlier in life, including taking bass lessons from a number of different teachers, but have had a 20+ year span of no playing at all. Now that I’m older, I decided to pickup the bass again for fun and to keep my mind engaged. I decided to sign up here and take the Bassic Fundamentals course to wake up my arthritic fingers and brain. I assumed much of the course would be review vs. new, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much content is new to me or had long been forgotten. In addition, hearing Mark’s perspective vs my other instructors has been very helpful. For anyone new to the bass or as a refresher, there’s a tremendous amount of content in this course. I have no doubt I’ll be taking others when I finally work through everything here!

  4. TIM J. (verified owner)

    I’ve completed the Bassbuzz course (loved in), worked on some Dan Hawkin’s courses (loved it) and may other iterations of beginner bass courses, but the thing that is different about this course is simple… rather than just teach you how to play bass, it teaches you how to become a bassist. It’s the only course I’ve personally taken that dives into theory, why you want to know things, where you will use it, and how to think about what you are doing. I 100% recommend bassbuzz to get your fingers started, then come here and start your journey as a musician.

  5. Shawn S.

    I had my eye on these courses since I found Mark J Smith and TalkingBass on YouTube. I just wanted to say these courses have made a tremendous difference in my bass playing. They are easy to follow, confidence building courses. Mark is a real teacher and a master bassist. He explains technique and theory in such a way that anyone can understand and implement in their playing. I highly recommend TalkingBass. 5 well deserved stars. —–Shawn S.

  6. Ian F. (verified owner)

    Really helped me progress, well delivered and of course I always have it to fall back or if I need a refresher,
    Money well spent 👍🏻

  7. Chris G.

    A great overview of different topics, nice tips and a good starting point to build good technique and habits

  8. jim f. (verified owner)

    This course offers and explains so many things it is really hard to state how important this course is to get you started and to take you to the next level. I honestly feel this course is a must for anyone just starting out and even for those who have been playing for awhile. I have never seen any other courses that can compare with this course in giving a complete understanding of the bass instrument. If I could I would give this course a 10 starr review.

  9. AHM E. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this step by step approach. And Mark explains stuff very clear. My greatest set back is my lack of patience. So from this point of view his approach is even therapeutic. I laf way the course, so I leave one star open for my final review

  10. Douglas P.

    Great course, I really enjoyed the way it was all put together very glad I made the decision to start to learn bass. Keep up the great work!

  11. Anthony R.

    Wow, so much great information packed into this course… everything you could possibly need to get a jump start on your bass playing! Easy to follow along, and printed materials make “homework” a breeze! This course is the perfect material needed to go from novice beginner to a solid intermediate player. Plus, all the extra insight into other courses when mentioning topics is so not a sales pitch for the other cources, but an actual outline into the more indepth course offerings… example: Sight Reading. Excellent overview in this course and solid transition to the more indepth sight reading course offered at Talkingbass… could not be happier!

  12. Mike F. (verified owner)

    Excellent! It was just what I needed to start my bass journey. It gives a solid introduction to playing bass along with enough theory to make the student understand how useful it can/will be if you persist with it. It also gives a solid introduction to the hardware side of things; as I am currently playing an acoustic bass these aspects were of less direct relevance to me but still very interesting and as it’s likely I will eventually get a electric so it will be useful in the future. I have gone on to purchase the two Groove Trainer courses, the Technique Builder and the EBook and mini course Walk That Bass (taking advantage of a recent discounted offer!). I’m taking a few weeks off studying to just enjoy playing but then I shall continue. Not quite sure what order I’ll do them in yet though!

  13. Bryan W.

    This is an outstanding beginner’s bass course! I played bass in several ensembles years ago when I majored in guitar in college but I hadn’t touched a bass for years. I decided to buy a bass and start playing and this was the perfect companion for me and I’m sure it will be for you. Mark is a gifted instructor! I’m so glad I found Talking Bass, what a gift!

  14. Uwe J. (verified owner)

    I retired six months ago and was looking for a meaningful job. So I grabbed my old 1987 SKC-Slepper headless bass, got an Ampeq BA 300 tube amp and started with a walking bass textbook. Then I came across Mark’s page on YouTube and was immediately impressed by the clearly comprehensible teaching method and the joy with which you share your knowledge!
    Please keep it up and Rock On !!!!!

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