Simple Steps To Sight Reading (Complete Bundle)

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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Music Reading Method For Bass Guitar.

Progressive lessons to guide you along the road to pro level sight reading, made simple every step of the way!





Simple Steps To Sight Reading – The Complete Course

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Music Reading Method For Bass Guitar

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‘At the end of the first section I was able to sight read the songs in the test. It put a HUGE smile on my face and really instilled a sense of accomplishment.’ Andrew Goldstein – USA

‘I couldn’t read any charts at all and found the course really worth every penny. Easy to understand and lots (and I mean lots!) of exercises, materials and backing tracks’ Ben Kwakman – Holland

‘The course was exactly what I needed. The personal satisfaction when I was able to look at a new piece of music and play it first time was marvellous.’ Paul Wright – UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Simple Steps To Sight Reading Course?

Simple Steps To Sight Reading is the ultimate guide to reading music on bass guitar. It is a multimedia course using a combination of video lessons, PDF workbooks and MP3 backing tracks to provide the most comprehensive, step-by-step approach to sight reading available today.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any player from beginner to advanced level. Many advanced bass players are lacking in this very specialized area of playing so the number of playing years and experience is irrelevant. If you cannot read music – you cannot read music and this course serves to take you from the absolute basics of reading through to an advanced professional level whatever your standard.

What Will I Learn?

After completing the course you will have the knowledge and resources for working on your reading up to a professional sight reading standard. This includes all the notes, rhythms and symbols in common use.

How Long Are The Lessons?

The lesson lengths vary but the complete course has a total video length of 24 hours! Plenty of material to keep you practicing for many, many years.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything?

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. All Lesson Material (PDF’s and MP3’s) can be downloaded from a dedicated Dropbox folder on the main course page.

9 reviews for Simple Steps To Sight Reading (Complete Bundle)

  1. Jim Rogers

    This is a great product for learning how to read music and to commit the notes on the fret board to memory. You cannot rush the learning – it takes time. I’m on the mixed flats and sharps part wanting to get competent at that before moving on. I played in a horn band back in the early 70’s – all by ear. I memorized bass patterns and fret board finger placements. We were good. I graduated from college, started a full time job and unfortunately left my bass behind. I picked up the bass about three years ago A talented guitarist friend refurbished a beginner bass guitar and gave it to me as a gift (it actually plays nicely and sounds okay). I played (jammed) with my friends for about a year relearning many of the previous songs from my early days. Since my musician friends are busy playing with many other groups, we have not played together for quite awhile. In the meantime, I discovered Mark’s courses and initially bought the Basic Fundamentals course which was really good for me. As I mentioned initially this Simple Steps to Sight Reading Volume 1 is really good. I highly recommend it. But if you are like me, someone who never did learn how to read music, then don’t expect to just motor through it if you want to learn it right. I read that it takes 10,000 hours and/or 10 years to learn to play an instrument well. I’m retired and in my early 70’s so would like to shorten that time frame a bit if I can. This course is helping!

  2. Jose Juan Tejadas (verified owner)

    Never thought that learning to sight read music could be that “easy”. Concepts well explained and all the tricks and materials needed to really learn on your own, with the videos to help you whenever you may need it. A great purchase. Recommended to anyone

  3. Dave North

    Having completed volume 1, I’m now ready to purchase volume 2. I have learned so much already and taken my time to really get the knowledge cemented in place. Mark is a fantastic teacher and I wouldn’t use anyone else now. This course is for anyone wanting to learn to fluently read music and strengthen their music theory

  4. Liam Goethals (verified owner)

    My favorite course!

  5. Emily (verified owner)

    Mark gets to the point, gets across the knowledge, and you have access to lots of lesson materials to practice with. Great course for learning to read music.

  6. Philip Adjei (verified owner)

    I started my bass journey with this course -having scanned many courses online. I found Mark courses well structured! Lessons are nicely linked and that gives a sense of direction and purpose. I can see the advantage
    of starting to learn how to play the bass with sight reading course. I’ll recommend this course to all interested in reading music on the bass!!!

  7. Francesco Guerrieri (verified owner)

    This course is a real game changer. I can’t over-estimate how much it is doing for my playing skills. At first I was doubtful because… I could already read music (or so I thought!) But after studying in more detail what was on offer and deciding to go for it… I am so happy to have done it. The capability of playing without looking at the fretboard, of looking in advance to the next bar, to orient oneself in the music. It is giving me so much in terms of actual playing and of musical comprehension, it is unlocking bass – and music – to me. It’s really like learning to read: I knew how to spell letter by letter but I couldn’t read words, or sentences, because I was busy remembering the shape of each letter (the position of the note on the fretboard…). Mark’s approach, of small incremental steps, is really working for me. You need to put work in this, and he gives all the support needed. The tips and the potential pitfalls, what to be careful about. After a while you find out that you have improved when you are able to do things that just few days before… seemed hard. Bonus points: my rhytm is improving at the same time, because I waste less time to know what I have to play. I gave the maximum 5/5 since that’s the scale, but my vote should be read as: “Why haven’t you taken this course yet, what are you waiting for?!?!?”

  8. Bernard Stephens

    I was a garage band bassplayer in college. After a 30-year layoff, I picked it back up (yep, with the original ’72 Precision). After getting some chops back and finding your website, my learning really took off – I finally started understanding why certain things sounded “right”. I decided to take the plunge and try to learn sight reading, and am now about halfway through the 2nd course. WOW – I can find many transcriptions on the internet and it’s so much fun and so much faster to learn the songs, my enjoyment of the instrument has really grown. I usually try to practice an hour every day, but often have to miss due to family commitments. But that works for me because it’s all at my own pace. Sometimes I need to re-review the lesson, and one thing I really appreciate about the way Mark presents the material is that he gets right to the lesson point and stays there, so I don’t have to plow through a lot of irrelevant material to get the lesson. No time wasting! Mark really brings the A-game to this course – highly recommended!

  9. Gary Myers

    In response to your request for feedback, I enjoy your lessons and feel that you do the best job of anyone on the web in explaining various concepts. A lot of your lessons do not apply to me as I play Big Band music. I still enjoy listening to lessons and trying some of the riffs you teach even though I will never use them in a live situation.

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