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What is the Chord Tone Essentials Course?

Chord Tone Essentials is a complete, step by step guide to understanding chord construction principles and how chord tones can be applied to every area of music from bass lines to melodies and solos. Note: This is not a ‘bass chords’ course. The chord tones are presented in arpeggio form.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any player from beginner to advanced level.

What Will I Learn?

After completing all 3 Modules you will understand the construction principles behind EVERY chord you’re ever likely to see, you’ll know the notes of EVERY chord, you’ll have the ability to see chord tones and arpeggios over the entire fretboard and you’ll be able to apply all of this knowledge to every area of your bass playing.

How Long Are The Lessons?

The lesson lengths vary but the complete course is over 8 hours in length and provides an entire lifetime of practice material.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything?

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file containing all of the course material arranged in appropriate folders.