Walk That Bass Volume 1 (Ebook & Mini Course)

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Walk That Bass Volume 1

30 Walking Bass Lines For Study & Practice! (EBOOK and Accompanying Mini Course)

Important: This is an Ebook download. NOT a hard copy book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Walk That Bass series of ebooks?

The Walk That Bass series of books provide a set of pre-composed walking bass lines over common jazz standard chord progressions for learning, practice and study. Each line occupies a specific range of the fretboard and are all written from an educational perspective. This allows for progressive, step-by-step learning for each of the presented. Volume 1 also contains multiple chapters devoted to functional harmony, chord scales, chord tones and vocabulary development. This is the perfect supplementary text to practice alongside the Simple Steps To Walking Bass course.

Is the book an Ebook or a hard copy?

The book is downloaded as an ebook PDF. This can be read on your computer, tablet, phone or printed. We will be looking to publish the book as a hard copy through Amazon at some point in the near future.

Are there any video lessons?

Yes, you will have access to 7 video lessons in your My Courses page. The video lessons form a mini course teaching you how to approach the book from a practice perspective.

What level of player is the book aimed at?

The course is aimed at players of any level but I recommend at least a few months of playing before attempting to play the supplied lines.

What will I learn?

After completing the book and the course you will have a much better all round knowledge of walking bass lines and their performance. You will have an improved knowledge of functional harmony and how scales and chord tones are used in creation of a walking line.

How long is the book and the lessons?

The book is 172 pages in length and the accompanying course contains over an hour of video content

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything? 

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There are three sources for downloading the book. The book will be sent to your email as a PDF and you will also be able to download it as a PDF and Zip file from the course home page and your account page.

Are there any time limits on downloading the ebook or taking the video course?

No. You can take as long as want. There are no time limits

Do I Have Lifetime Access?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the ebook and course material.

9 reviews for Walk That Bass Volume 1 (Ebook & Mini Course)

  1. Walter S. (verified owner)

    This mini course is an excellent introduction to learning to play a walking bass. The material is clearly presented and gives you a great sense of how good the related full courses are (Chord Tones Essentials, Simple Steps To Walking Bass & Scale Essentials). I’ve completed 4 of Mark’s other courses and they are all well worth the investment. Now you can add this mini course to the list!

  2. Darrell J. (verified owner)

    Completing the course is only the beginning. This course lays a great foundation for learning all about walking bass lines.

  3. Bill K. (verified owner)

    Lots of information and great ideas; thank you so much for doing this. It absolutely cannot be beat–especially considering the cost. I look forward to Volume 2. Bill Kappler

  4. Nick N. (verified owner)

    Well done, great accompaniment to the Walking Bass course. Great site as well.

  5. Anonymous

    I would like to contact you to purchase this book. Please leave your gmail, I will contact you.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wow! Just received this and I am simply amazed at the amount of content. Just printed the pdf and I will be taking a trip down to my local printer and have it spiral bound. Read through the first couple of chapters and can’t wait to get started!

  7. Anonymous

    Me too Ted. When will the actual book be available Mark?

    • TalkingBass M.

      Some time in the next year or two. I’ll be self publishing.

  8. Anonymous

    Mark I’ve always admired your work and I truly love this new product but im more of a hands on guy, I prefer to wait until the actual book with a companion disc becomes available, that works best for me, so I hope you’ll get it to market very soon!

  9. Anonymous

    There are the best on the block

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