The Cyborg Bassist Volume 2 – Minor Scale Mastery (Ebook and Mini Course)

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Minor Scale Mastery For Bass Guitar (The Cyborg Bassist Volume 2)

96 Minor Scale Etudes For Humans & Robots! (EBOOK and Accompanying Mini Course)

Important: This is an Ebook download. NOT a hard copy book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cyborg Bassist series of ebooks?

The Cyborg Bassist series provides a wide variety of etudes for the electric bass player that cover the entire bass fretboard. Many types of musical content are covered from scales to arpeggios to intervals and more.

By running these etudes in a drill-like manner you will develop many areas of your playing including your technique and fretboard knowledge while working on your overall harmony knowledge from a practical perspective.

What is The Cyborg Bassist Volume 2: Minor Scale Mastery?

In this second volume of The Cyborg Bassist we venture into the world of the Minor Scale and the Minor Key. We run a set of melodic devices through each key in turn, programming the mind and body for fluid movement through multiple position shifts. We also take a look at the theory behind the minor key and relative major and minor keys.

Is the book an Ebook or a hard copy?

The book is downloaded as an ebook PDF. This can be read on your computer, tablet, phone or printed. We will be looking to publish the book as a hard copy through Amazon at some point in the near future.

Are there any video lessons?

Yes, you will have access to 8 video lessons in your My Courses page. The video lessons form a mini course teaching you how to approach the book from a practice perspective. Position shifting, technique and the exercise types are all covered in depth.

What level of player is the book aimed at?

The course is aimed at players of any level but I recommend at least a few months to a year of bass playing experience as a minimum. The exercises are not too difficult when learned in the correct way but they still require a basic grounding in bass technique.

What will I learn?

After completing the book and the course you will have a much better understanding of the minor scale and minor key over the entire instrument. You will have improved your position shifting to a high level and have the technical facility to move fluidly around the fretboard.

How long is the book and the lessons?

The book is 102 pages in length and the accompanying course contains 50 minutes of video content

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything? 

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. The ebook is downloaded from the main page of the course.

Are there any time limits on downloading the ebook or taking the video course?

No. You can take as long as want. There are no time limits

Do I Have Lifetime Access?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the ebook and course material.

4 reviews for The Cyborg Bassist Volume 2 – Minor Scale Mastery (Ebook and Mini Course)

  1. Diego V. (verified owner)

    After completing Cyborg Bassist vol 1 (Major scale), I decided to purchase vol 2. Having been satisfied with the first installment, I found it logical to move forward naturally. I don’t regret it. This mini-course offers me the possibility of having at least one study to complete every day, which I find useful in my daily routine. Mastering these fundamental scales throughout the fretboard expands my tools as a bassist, giving me greater fluidity through exhaustive knowledge of the notes on the neck. I love the transitions to go from one area of the fretboard to another, and to practice the big jumps of the final arpeggios of certain exercises. I do not rule out acquiring future editions of this series.

    Thank you Mark for all the material you put at our disposal.

    Diego Vargas

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Mark,
    Could you give us some examples of what we shall find inside your ebooks?
    I am waiting for hard copies books.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Mark,
    Is there a similar ebook for major scale?

    • TalkingBass M.

      Hi Vic. Yes, Volume 1 of The Cyborg Bassist focuses on the Major Scale

  4. David G.

    Minor scales have never instilled in me a sense of melancholy. To the contrary, they have always placed me in an introspective, thought provoking mood. That may provide illumination regarding my favorite piece of music: J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
    To this end, I am very pleased to see, and be working though Mark’s Minor Scale Mastery mini course.
    The videos are concise, and the etudes, like all of Mark’s courses, provide insight, inspiration, and a launch pad for musical growth.
    Thank you, Mark for another outstanding course.

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