Simple Steps To Slap Bass (Complete Bundle)

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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Slap Bass Method For Bass Guitar

What if I told you slap bass was easy? You just need to take simple steps!





Simple Steps To Slap Bass – Complete Course

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Slap Bass Method For Bass Guitar

52 step-by-step lessons working from the absolute basics of slapping all the way through to advanced double thumbing techniques

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‘I can’t say enough about Simple Steps To Slap Bass. Best money I ever spent on anything music wise!’  Kevin Masih – USA

‘I never had any kind of slap technique, so I purchased the Simple Steps to Slap Bass and I’m amazed at the improvement.’  Dave Imbarrato – USA

‘Simple Steps To Slap Bass is astonishing and really changed my approach to this technique. I saw a huge leap in my bass playing!’  Fernando Maspero – Argentina

‘At first, I wondered why every lesson was so easy to take. Then I realized that was what made the course so great.’  Thierry – France

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Simple Steps To Slap Bass Course?

The Simple Steps To Slap Bass Course is a complete, step-by-step method for mastering the slap bass style from the absolute basics of the ‘thumb slap’ all the way through to advanced techniques such as machine gun triplets, double thumbing and flamenco rolls.

What Will I Learn?

After finishing the course you will have acquired the following skills and knowledge:

  • A solid foundation in all areas of Slap Bass technique
  • A clean up of your overall playing utilizing the Home Position principles
  • Knowledge of common scales and note choices used in developing a Slap Bass groove
  • A solid grounding in funk 16th note rhythms
  • Many original slap riffs written specifically for this course
  • The ability to use ghost notes effectively within a groove
  • Advanced techniques such as Double Thumbing, Hammer On’s, Chords, Machine Gun Triplets and many more

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The complete course is aimed at players new to the slap technique that need a step-by-step path of development to an advanced level.

How Long Are The Lessons? 

The lesson length’s vary but the complete course contains 14 hours of video content.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything? 

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file for each module containing a Course Workbook and any relevant practice tracks

10 reviews for Simple Steps To Slap Bass (Complete Bundle)

  1. Joseph Jonas (verified owner)

    I struggled for years to learn slap bass without success. This course was the key. The results are amazing. It goes far beyond anything you can find by searching the Internet for “how to play slap bass”.

    If you already have a good foundation on the basic slap/pop technique and your progress has stalled, this course will definitely lift you out of your rut. It contains dozens of points on the finer details of advanced slap technique.

  2. Brandon Gallagher (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding! Mark is a top-notch teacher and breaks down slap bass into very simple steps and helps you build a solid foundation in the technique with this course. Highly recommend! Thank you Mark!

  3. Nick Lindley (verified owner)

    This course is great for anyone wanting to learn slapping from the beginning, or enhance their existing skills. I found the hints and tips that Mark gives during the lessons were so helpful in assisting me to hone my slap technique. As a result I am also a lot more relaxed when I play slap these days!

  4. Liam Goethals (verified owner)

    Slappa da BASS

  5. Elkmar Winter (verified owner)

    I have never really managed to play slap bass lines cool. Coming across this course I started from scratch once again and it works out quite well. So, there is a clear “thumbs up” from me.

  6. Brad Fischer (verified owner)

    Really glad I made the investment. Self paced course so you can go back and review the videos as required. Mark does a great job of breaking down each of the techniques presented in each course. It’s been great in help retrain my fingers and correcting many years of fully ingrained bad habits.

  7. Ulrich Herbst (verified owner)

    You feel and here a little progress with each lesson. After working through the course it’s a big progress.

  8. Mick Tomazou

    I find Mark to be one of the best online instructors. Lessons are always clear, concise and easy to follow. The lesson on slap bass is excellent value for money and you get to learn the technique properly without picking up bad habits as you would from less accomplished players.
    Bassically (I know it’s not spelt right) you can’t go wrong with TalkingBass lessons.

  9. Oliver Letz (verified owner)

    I had only the most basic idea of slap technique before I started to study Mark’s Slap Bass Course. The most significant thing for me was the clear break-down of all relevant parts of slapping technique with with great demonstrations and perfectly designed practical exercises to master each technique. It took me a couple of months to complete both courses (minus the double thumbing, which is almost impossible to do on my short scale basses with tight string spacing). I re-visit the more advanced exercises frequently to get more and more relaxed and confident in my slapping. I can recommend this program to anyone who wants a deep-dive into slapping bass technique.

  10. diego sangiorgi (verified owner)

    The course is very clear and offers a step by step developing of the technique.
    Mark is an astonishing teacher who provide tons of useful exercises and very well explained.
    Thank you very much Mark!

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